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We are happy to help answer any questions you have. Want to talk in person? We like coffee almost as much as golf carts, so let’s get together for a coffee and talk about golf carts.

In the meantime, here are some answers to commonly asked questions we get asked.

Should I buy Gas or Electric?

Always check where you plan to use your cart; I am starting to see trailer parks, camp grounds and golf courses that no longer allow gas golf carts because of the noise and spills. Electric have little noise levels, are essentially zero emission vehicles and can be used indoors safely. Electric are more readily available than gas so they usually cost less and have better selections. The only advantage I see with gas is if you need to travel greater distance daily.

How much do they cost?

Clean late model used four seater electric golf carts with lights and warranty. Average starting price is usually 5-6000.00 plus HST. Gas carts are usually 15-20% more than electric.

I have seen a custom cart sell for 70,000.00 and yes I will build anything.

How much do batteries cost? I hear batteries are expensive.

Yes they are, usually in a lump sum amount about every 5 years. We rarely will recommend not replacing all batteries at the same time.

BUT, don’t forget Gas models require; Oil and filter changes, air filter spark plugs and fuel filters, starter and drive belts.

If you are, properly maintaining your cart, over a 5 year period gas and electric will have very similar operating costs.

What brand do you recommend?

There are three main players, Club Car, Yamaha and EZ-GO and these are the only three we will Service or Sell.