Company Ownership and History:

Mark along with his wife Sharon Busse have worked on several ventures together and recently moved to Muskoka full time.

Mark previously worked full time as a firefighter and a race car technician. He left that career path to pursue full time work servicing and selling Golf Carts.

What started as part-time selling a few carts quickly became a passion. The business has evolved over the last two seasons to what it is today, Full Time servicing and selling the top three golf cart manufacturers.

Reconditioned Inventory

Safety, reliability and great customer service are what you expect with every purchase and that’s what we aim to deliver every time.

Your golf cart is a recreational vehicle that we want you to enjoy problem free for years. Golf carts in good condition hold their value well. A well maintained cart is good for worry free enjoyment.

What goes into every Reconditioned Golf Cart before we sell it?

  • First we clean it top to bottom you can’t see what’s wrong and it can’t work well if it’s not clean.
  • We check the cart for safety like a car would be inspected;
  • Suspension components and mounts are inspected and serviced.
  • Brakes are checked cleaned and adjusted and replaced as necessary.
  • Tire condition and inflation are checked and replaced as necessary.

  • Rear end oil changed and inspected for leaks
  • Batteries are serviced and tested, cables are cleaned and sealed.
  • Cart is scanned for any sensor or controller issues. Automatic braking and top speed can be programmed in to suit the client’s needs.
  • Starter and drive belts are checked and replaced as necessary.
  • Engine oil, oil filter, Air filter, spark plug and fuel filters replaced


STANDARD – All carts come standard with 6 month limited warranty.
EXTENDED – We also offer 2 year bumper to bumper warranty.